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Which Gender is Better - Male or Female?

By Victoria Swanson in Pet Health.


The ongoing battle of male versus female continues even in the pet world. There are no hard straight answers for this ongoing question, which gender is better? However, I would like to provide you with some informative information on making this decision a little easier for you to decide which gender will be the right fit for you.

The difference between the genders:


•Females tend to be the more dominate dog, yes, I just said that, the concept is usually thought that the male is.

•Males are great dogs when neutered.

•Females have a trait of stubbornness which can be difficult to train and have them focus


•Females tend to seek you out when they want to be affectionate and will quickly move on when they have had enough

•Females tend to be less friendly and affectionate

•Males are happy to curl up with you whenever possible, they seek you out and choose to be close to you

•Males seek out affection and love to hang with their people, they are all about pleasing us


•Females are already reserved and continue to be so as they age

•Males are all about the fun! They tend to not outgrow this anytime soon, meaning even as they age they tend to act puppyish

•Females can manipulate to their favor, they stand firm and secure with their decision such as lounging on the couch vs. learning a new command

•Males are very needy and can be overbearing with their need to be around you all the time, but they want to please us so much they are easy to train and extremely food motivated

•Males are loyal and better behaved

•Females are protective and free -spirited


•Males will mark their territory, however once neutered they typically will cease to mark and their testosterone levels dissipate.  Females will mark their territory too.

 Mood Swings

•Again it goes without saying females could have mood swings, one minute happy to see you, the next moment a little grumpy and wants nothing to do with you

•Females can be more aloof

•Males unaltered can become aggressive

•Males neutered are definitely more unwavering in their mood swings

•Males can be goofy and silly, very child like

Quick Fun Fact!

Because Male dogs are all about pleasing us and willing to learn anything new, dog actors are typically a Male dog.  Lassie was played by all Males!

Introducing another dog into the pack

If you already have another dog in your family and are looking to add, it is important to consider keeping a happy balance in the existing pack. Here are some tips to consider;

•The general rule is the opposite sex is usually the better choice

•Female and Female tend to have more disagreements as each wants to “rule the roost”, especially if neither are spayed, which is known to be the worst case scenario ◦I do understand that there are many people that have two females and two males that are not spayed or neutered and live in harmony, however these recommendations are more for the general public and not a breeder

Male and Male tend to co-exist with each other just fine and sometimes are happy to be buddies

Male and adding a Female. If you already have a male dog and get a female dog, she will generally take the dominate role between the two and your male dog is usually happy to give that role to her with no fuss

Don’t try to ensure your Male as “Top Dog”, let them figure it out, Males are more submissive  Females are usually accepting of a male dog because males tend to be more submissive and obedient    Therefore, allowing the Female to hold her “Reign”


The above suggestions and descriptions of personalities are a reference guide only. It is very feasible that a Female dog can have the personality and traits of a Male and vice a versa. It truly comes down to what you are looking for in a dog. The breed and personality in the litter will be your determining factor. Male or Female huddled in the back corner of a crate or pen with their siblings should never be your first pick, nor should the bully of the litter. When determining which gender will be best for you and your family consider your lifestyle first and any other dogs that you currently have in your family pack.

Typical of a Dog, either gender will love you unconditionally no matter what.

There has been a lot of research done on OVER-VACCINATING and SPAY & NEUTERING TO EARLY.   Please do a google search and inform yourself so you can make an informed decision for your pup's health.

Backyard breeders, puppy mills and Pet Stores are destroying the integrety of the breed.  Purchase your puppy from a reputable responsible breeder.


Updated 12/1/2019