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How to Deal with a Barking Dog


How to Deal with a Barking Dog


Just as people use speech as a way of communicating their thoughts,

dogs put across their thoughts by barking. They will likely bark if they

need to go out to do their business, as well as when they need to come back in.

They will also bark when a knock comes at the door or when they hear a strange noise.

Thus, dogs are great as guard dogs, but that bark can often appear for poor reasons to you.

In addition, it may be annoying your neighbors.


If you understand why your dog is barking, you have a good chance of cutting out

unnecessary barking. Boredom can be one cause of barking in a dog. This may

arise when your dog has been stuck in one spot all day long. Barking is his way

of letting you know that he has nothing to do and needs some fuss.


As the owner of the dog you are the one to give them this attention. Dogs will usually

bark when they fear something. It may be anything from people to thunder, and your dog

may find it frightening. Barking is also instinctive for your dog as a sign of warding off

anyone he thinks might be approaching on to his territory. Old age in dogs can also be

the cause of barking. Your dog might have become deaf or gone senile. Thus he will not

realize he is barking.


By taking a trip to the vets, you can obtain medication and/or advice to help put a stop

to such behavior. For instance a deaf dog can be taught to react to visual signals.

Owners who have more than one dog that barks will be wise to train their dogs

separately to stop barking. Otherwise they will set each other off when there is a

knock at the door.


To stop your dog from barking can be difficult, but you must remember to always be

calm. One way of stopping the barking is by ignoring the dog while it barks, not even

making eye contact, and then, after it has finished, giving it praise and a treat for

being quiet. And if you realize that the reason your dog is barking is because of a

certain item, then move the item out of site and then reintroduce it slowly. While the

dog isn't barking, give the dog a treat. These solutions to stopping your dog's barking

need patience, but should certainly improve your dog's behavior over time.


If you want to teach your dog the command to be quiet, the technique you need to

use is a peculiar one. Get someone to do something to make the dog bark, and then

while the dog is still barking, bring a treat near the dog's nose. After he has stopped

to investigate the treat, give him praise. Now you can teach him to be quiet. First command

that he speaks. As he starts to bark, give the command to be quiet and at the same time put

a treat near him. Once he becomes silent, give him the treat, and praise him.


One last thing you should do is make sure your dog gets a good amount of exercise

to tire him out, this will mean he is not as likely to bark while at home, and you can

enjoy a peaceful evening at home.

Written by Meghan Stern of
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Deal With Your Barking Properly Dog Don't Ignore It

Do not fret when your dog seems to bark a lot and uncontrollably at the wrong times. It can be controlled and there are steps that can be taken to help solve this problem, but requires work from you and your dog. You must understand that a dog's barking is one of its natural behaviors. You can never see a dog that does not bark at all.

But there are certain tips and suggestions that could be done for you to at least reduce the barking, or only make your dog bark when needed. Definitely, owners do love their dogs and care for them a lot, but they also get annoyed with a dog's excessive and unnecessary barking.

First, do a little investigative work. Determine the possible particular time your dog is barking. This could take a week or more then observe if there' a trend. A lot of times, dogs bark when they are trying to convey something. Your dog might be informing you that he wants access to the yard. If not, there could be other possible reasons, like another dog or a cat is invading his space and annoying him, or he is just bores and seeking attention.

You have to always check on your dog's needs. This is much important when your dog is still a puppy, always check on his food, water, and his elimination needs. This could also be a source of their barking. It is important that you correct the situations once you find out what they are so they won't happen again in the future.

Barking could also be caused by something that is aching or when he is badly hurt. When this happens, you must go and see the vet and have your dog checked on. If the vet sees there is nothing wrong with the dog, then you could always ask him what other possible causes could be. You might not see causes on the outside body of the dog, but you still have to have him checked just to make sure.

It is most important to be spending quality time with your dogs or puppies. We tend to get so busy that we sometimes neglect them and spend less time with them. These animals can sometimes sense that so they become bored and call your attention by barking. When you get to spend time with your dog even just for a while, he will feel the comfort that your love brings to him. This will help a lot in the barking.

It is true that barking is sometimes annoying, but these animals use this as a way of communicating with us. Find out the underlying cause of the dog's barking and correct it as soon as possible. This will guarantee you and your dog a longer and happier relationship.

Written by Anthoney Mitts of             Search for limited time deals on personalized dog bowls online.